Erase stretch marks and build up your confidence!

Erase stretch marks and build up your confidence!

Trying to deal with recent stretch marks acquired due to sudden weight gain or pregnancy? Or maybe you have had growth stretch marks since childhood? No matter what the reason for your stretch marks is, we are here to help you reduce them by up to 80%!

âme pure® Intensive Stretch Marks Eraser is the one treatment you need to fight these cosmetic nuisances and redensify your skin. It is a dermaroller (also known as CIT, Collagen Induction Therapy or microneedling) treatment designed especially for home use that provides highest quality professional results. Having tested this innovative treatment in 21 clinical studies, we are confident that the Intensive Stretch Marks Eraser is one of the most effective treatments on the market!


Our customer Mammy has recently shared the most incredible before and after pictures from the Intensive Stretch Marks Eraser.

After just 2 weeks of using the treatment she said: “I have used this product on my stretch marks and seen its great impact. It is perfect and fast, and I have no regrets about the price I’ve spent on this. I will be recommending it to others because it works like MAGIC!”

After the whole treatment course of 8 weeks Mammy was ready to wear a mini skirt! We are so excited to see how our products help our customers to feel better about their bodies and increase their self-esteem! Mammy wrote to us: ‘Finally I can wear a mini skirt! Soon the bikini season will be on and I’m loving how much the stretch marks have faded. This is totally worth the price!”

What makes our treatments so effective?

A number of aspects are at work here. First, the dermaroller creates microscopic holes in the skin. Your skin reacts as if it was an injury and starts producing significant amounts of collagen and elastin. Second, you apply our exclusive Stretch marks induction therapy GEL with active ingredients. Since the skin is punctured, its ability to absorb the GEL’S active ingredients is extremely high.

As a result, your skin becomes hydrated and redensified. The thickness of existing stretch marks is reduced by up to 80%, and a new layer of fresh and healthy skin is created. The kit also includes Stretch marks induction therapy CRÈME for daily use, that will give great support to your skin’s regeneration. If you follow the rolling schedule correctly for 8 weeks, you won’t have to wait long to see the great results!

Fight stretch marks right now, regain your confidence and get ready to wear a mini skirt! Designed for all skin types and tones, all natural and cruelty-free, âme pure® Intensive Stretch Marks Eraser can be found in our web-shop


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